Thursday, August 6, 2009

What The M************ F*** Is 230???

Most believe that it has something to do with GM's Chevy's Volt, which has been on a roller coaster ride of costs and market prices. The tagline under the 230 wherein the zero is a single smiley-faced electrical outlet (hence the Volt) reads 8-11. Now, you don't have to do viral stuff on the Internet or on the streets, but there are many examples of big budget virals looking really damn lame. It's either because they are trying too hard to be viral that they ignore the basics or they just seem like big fat fascist conglomerates. This clip was posted by Youtube user 'whatis230', utilizing an already inauthentic tactic.

I'll update this piece in a post next week. It would actually be kind of uplifting if GM could find a way to get back on its feet. But couldn't it be unlike the Chevy Volt and not need to be plugged in so much?

Update on August 11: Didn't feel like it deserved a new post. The number stands for an EPA-estimated 230 miles per gallon. Which was what everyone was predicting. Still it's quite a figure despite the fact that the new Nissan electric will pull "367 m.p.g., using the same E.P.A. standards"; they're obviously trying to get the buzz started early. Maybe they could start a contest wherein participants who eagerly await the Volt log their mileage troubles in their current busted ass vehicle, perhaps a Toyota.

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