Monday, August 3, 2009

Does Anything Say "Rock & Roll" More Than The Ignition Of Lighter Fluid?

Other than VD I can't think of anything, especially after seeing these new print spots from Brunner Pittsburgh for Zippo. Let's face it: the ubiquity of cell phones has slowed down the previously ubiquitous practice of the crowd lighting up during a rock concert. Some fools are so lazy that they can only make the Satan hand thing or the royal salute. Zippo is looking to change that by going back to the roots of letting The People decide who really rocked by a show of the flame (pre-Village People). In these two fairly subversive (one of my buzzwords) pieces, Zippo takes aim at the biggest television show and the biggest video game of the decade. The art direction is surreal yet perfectly clear and the copy-writing is some of the best I've seen all year.

The third spot is here because I didn't find it as clever or as undercutting as the above two. I imagine they could get in trouble for putting the words 'guitar' and 'hero' together though they may just end up boosting the game's profits. I cannot believe that there isn't an app for this yet.

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