Friday, August 7, 2009

What Have The Milwaukee Police Done For You Lately?

Nothing? Good, and that's the way they would like it to be. Some of the stimulus money from the bailout is going to training and hiring more cops and, according to these two spots from Cramer-Krasselt, the Bears have done their job; they just need bigger platoons. The first called "Car" shows in a single black-and-white shot a woman walking down a dark alley. Most ads would assault the woman (and the viewer) with scare tactics. However, the spot turns the tables and the woman makes it safely to her car; the tagline is, "2945 fewer crime victims in Milwaukee last year."

This next one called "Store" in color shows what is typically a convenient store robbery executed by a hoodlum with his hands in his pockets looking sketchy as hell. This one isn't as effective because we learned in the first one that an innocent woman was safe; in this one, a young kid just isn't a thief. I might have gone with a security cam shot for this one though the shot the director uses maintains autonomy within the campaign.

We're also getting some extra cops here (yeah, I'm from the 808). Unfortunately, it's just because the jakes we have right now aren't articulate enough to pronounce 'Click it, or ticket.'

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