Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Since When Does Artful Animation Push Your Music Sales Over The Edge?

Well, the Gorillaz did it and had huge hits like "Clint Eastwood" and "Feel Good Inc." Now a London-based indie band called One Eskimo has created a trailer (below) and a game to engage listeners for the release of its iTunes-accessible animated series "The Adventures of One Eskimo" coming out August 31st. Unlike the Gorillaz, One Eskimo is utilizing a much more heartfelt approach and the sweetness is ever-present in both pieces available here. I don't just want to watch this online; I want to catch this touching film in theaters. For Xenu's sake, humanity's only source of enduring animations comes from Pixar!

I haven't even mentioned that the story revolves around One Eskimo with the help of his animal friends trying to save his one true love, Little Feather, from the clutches of Mr. Top Hat. The effort will undoubtedly sell more albums and increase the fan base. I have no punchline, marketers. Just tell amazing stories.

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