Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Happens When A Viral You're Not Responsible For Saves You?

Or, in Chris Brown's case, his career. Although this wedding dance clip choreographed by a Minnesota couple and featuring the singer's "Forever" is not an ad, it has effectively put Brown's name back into a good light after his hit-and-run with singer Rhianna. In fact, as it maintains its status as number 1 viral video on the 'Net, it's fairly prudent to assume that the two parties (Brown and the wedding crew) have nothing to do with each other. The video is number one for damn good reason: it's utterly engaging, it features a church crowd both shocked and totally into it, and the quite catchy song and its sound fits perfectly with the mood of the occasion. It's a marketer's wet dream; and yet any increase in record sales for Brown is mere coincidence.

The dancers even got their extra fifteen minutes on the Today Show last week with the song intact. Is this coincidental success a result of a simply good song or is the Invisible Hand of the Internet giving Brown another chance after an unfortunate circumstance? Either way, double your pleasure, double your fun, and double your freaking revenue.

Update: Pretty awesome parody video on College Humor.

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