Monday, July 27, 2009

Are You At The End Of The Bench In Life?

Then you probably should have been involved with sports as a kid and, for Christ's sake, get your nearly useless kids out on the field today! According to this spot from KidSport BC in Canada, physical techniques learned from childhood games can help you and others in certain situations. In the clip, a man must save another man at the community pool, but comes up a little short. The ad makes sense because the situation does have the potential to occur; and the silliness of it is enough so that you're not thinking, "That dude is going to drown!"Seriously though, if he's so physically inept, why is he near a training facility and not at home on the Internet. Wait...

But that is only the first of three spots: so much sporting to do! Learn how to give and receive co-worker camaraderie here and how not to interact with women WAY out of your league here.

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