Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't You Just Shove Your Payment Problems In A Closet With A Popsicle?

That's what faux coverage company Impact Car Insurance succeeds in doing in this 60-second spot by Lewis Communications for the real Alfa Insurance. Well, that's only the best part of the spot; most of it involves an elaborate switcheroo shot and acted in 007 style. A man in a busted ass vehicle drives up to the bright orange location to collect on his claim but finds a dull and grey accounting firm. For what it's trying to do, the ad is pretty perfect although the tagline "Let's Talk About Tomorrow" feels slapped on at the end. Hat tip to the copious Adland.

Especially at a time when the President makes laws because of backlash against insurance companies, creating that contrast and establishing your company as trustworthy changes the game. And it gives you an excuse to give a woman a Popsicle and lock her in a closet.

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