Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breath So Good, It's Artistic?

I've never though about it that way; admittedly, I'm not very clever. This print piece from Binaca breath spray device (you know, when Lloyd aims for his mouth but hits Danny Aiello in the face) states and illustrates that not only does your horrendous halitosis dissipate but your personality shifts to make others around you think you are interesting. Not much else to say: it's solid work although the marketing for something like Binaca seems like it should be inherent within the product with the sound and scent of the spray.

This is the best of the print pieces from the campaign headed by Gertrude Chicago. This one confused someone into thinking the product was spray-on lipstick and this one just pulled a Hollywood liberal and is green for the sake of being green. I'm still waiting for the portable spray that doubles as breath freshener and mace.

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